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Streamline Your WOTC Process with Avionté and 
Experian Employer Services.

Avionté trusts Experian Employer Services to handle all of their clients’ WOTC needs because of their unparalleled experience, best-in-class technology and high touch customer service.

George is a dedicated staffing industry professional with more than 18 years of tax credit experience. He has
personally assisted more than 1,000 staffing companies,
helping them maximize all available tax credit opportunities. George is able to leverage industry expertise and practical experience to implement customized tax credit solutions specifically designed to overcome the unique logistical challenges of the staffing industry. In addition, George works directly with staffing industry technology partners to develop best-in-class integrations.

Highlights of our WOTC integration include: 

Why Choose Experian?

The Experian Employer Services approach to WOTC is focused on a technology-driven solution, supported by the industry’s best analytics and service. Our innovative and flexible technology platform puts your HR and Tax teams in control of their program, fits within your hiring process, and is as frictionless as possible for the candidate.

New Level of Reporting

The key to driving WOTC
compliance and performance is access to critical metrics. While the industry follows
20-year-old lagging indicators,
we leverage a powerful
 reporting engine and a
 proprietary set of lead
measures that dig deeper and
enable action.

Flexible Technology

Our tools offer endless configuration and customization options, as well as pre-built integrations with the largest and most respected Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Capital Management software solutions. 

Client Success

We help clients of all sizes, in all industries, with over 10 million candidates screened annually. We leverage an active approach to WOTC program management to minimize opt-out rates, application drop rates, and maximize eligibility. 

Isn't it time for a change?

Verifications. Unemployment. I-9. Employment Tax. Tax Withholding Services.
Year-End Tax & ACA Statements. HR Compliance. Tax Credits.

Automated Payroll Feed

Employers do not need to upload payroll files each week. All relevant payroll data is automatically sent to Experian via the integration. 

Embedded in Avionté

Experian WOTC Survey is embedded seamlessly in Avionte's platforms, eliminating the need to redirect to a 3rd party website. 

Streamlined Candidate Experience

Experian reduces abandonment and allows the candidate to quickly move to the next step in the hiring workflow by offering the most efficient WOTC survey in the industry.

Integration Details 

• WOTC survey embedded in Avionté 

• Candidates are not redirected to an outside website 

• Candidates are not asked for SSN, DOB, or any other sensitive PII 

• WOTC survey is 3x – 4x faster than other vendors 

• Automatic payroll feed 

• Available in BOLD and Classic